Master’s Theses

The Department for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology offers a wide range of Master’s Theses (“Abschlussarbeiten”) for students of the engineering and natural sciences (including physics, electrical and mechanical engineering), and of the computer sciences. Practically, our research covers (i) the technical development, scientific validation, and clinical implementation of AI algorithms, (ii) the image acquisition and post-processing of all principal imaging modalities, primarily MRI and CT, and (iii) the entire pipeline of scientific and clinical evaluation, using dedicated models (in silico), phantoms, tissue samples, and cadaveric specimens (in vitro, in situ) as well as measurements on volunteers and patients (in vivo). Consequently, we offer an interdisciplinary environment with medical doctors, clinician scientists, post-docs (of the natural sciences) as well as PhD candidates (of physics and engineering), state-of-the-art clinical scanners, and research questions that truly matter, because they come from our clinical and scientific practice. We are either directly affiliated or work in close cooperation with respective institutes from the RWTH Aachen University so that mutual support, close supervision, and regular scientific meetings are guaranteed. 

Please find a detailed list of currently available Master’s Theses below: