Uniklinik RWTH Aachen – then and now

When the Medical Faculty was founded on June 18, 1966, the city hospital acquired the rank of university clinic. It quickly became clear that the shortage of space and rapid increase in patient numbers meant a new building had to be constructed. Designed by Aachen-based architects Weber & Brand, construction work on the new building began in 1971. 

After more than ten years of construction work, the faculty began moving into the new building in 1982. It was then inaugurated on March 21, 1985. The initial reservations called forth by the size of the building and the costs incurred have now given way to the awareness that it is an institution in which first-class medicine is effectively put to the patient’s service. Happily, this view is also shared by our patients, the population, the cooperating doctors with their own practices and the hospitals in and around Aachen that transfer their patients to us. Uniklinik RWTH Aachen also enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond our national borders.

Building and architecture

Our realisation of the idea of combining teaching, research and patient care under one roof is unique in Germany. Almost all of the Medical Faculty’s institutes have been accommodated here since moving into the building in 1984.