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Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kraus
Institut für Arbeits-, Sozial- und Umweltmedizin
Pauwelsstraße 30, 52074 Aachen
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The teaching and research area Healthy Living Spaces Lab (headed by Prof. Dr. Marcel Schweiker) aims at the development of innovative approaches to the design of living spaces and buildings, to the analysis of sources of disturbance and to the development and establishment of preventive measures. The working group sees itself as an inter- and transdisciplinary link between medical research and relevant research activities from engineering, natural and social sciences.

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The internship starts on 15 August 2024 and lasts 12 weeks. The internship is part-time, i.e. 20 hours per week. The position is open to undergraduate students in Germany and abroad. Full remote working will be implemented as the candidate will be supporting a study run by the University Hospital in the city of Nicosia, Cyprus. If applications are received from candidates living in Nicosia, Cyprus, the intern will be asked to spend 10% of the internship time involved in active coordination and logistics on-site in Cyprus.
The internship is unpaid, but participants will gain valuable experience in the academic world and will be awarded a certificate of recognition.
The internship is supervised by Dr. Jan-Frieder Harmsen (Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences) and Ms. Reem Al Sayed (M.Sc. in Business and Organisational

Your tasks
You will mainly assist in a project investigating the impact of environmental stressors (heat, illuminance, air quality, and noise) on sleep quality by conducting
awareness sessions with study participants and recording their daily behavioural, psychological and physiological responses.
Your main tasks will be to help with:

  • Designing attractive study announcements and promoting them through various channels.
  • Enhance the PowerPoint presentation to make it more engaging.
  • Provide insights to make the session a positive and engaging experience for participants.
  • Preparation of study materials such as worksheets.
  • Liaising with interested participants, maintaining regular contact with them and coordinating participation schedules.
  • Respond to participant queries and provide the necessary information and support.
  • Further development of the study by supporting a literature review and identifying trends and interventions in the field.

Depending on your preference and ability, your tasks may also involve:

  • Assisting with preliminary data analysis.
  • Supporting our multidisciplinary team on other cutting-edge research projects in building science with your marketing knowledge and perspective.

Your profile
Applicants must be at least in their final two years of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, digital media, business administration, communications, public relations,
psychology or behavioural sciences. The main competences required of applicants are:

  • Good knowledge of the design of advertising and communication materials.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • English language proficiency C1.
  • Readiness for interdisciplinary research.

During the internship, you will gain practical experience and enhance your skill set in the following areas:

  • Learn about interventional studies and randomized controlled trials.
  • Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team.
  • Use and improve your time management, project management and attention to details skills.
  • Learn about academic databases and literature search techniques.

1. A short cover letter

  • regarding your (position related) skills, experience, interests…
  • max. one page
  • in English

2. An one-page resume
3. Course grades in your field of study
4. Preferred working days and times (morning/afternoon)

  • non-binding
  • in any format you prefer
  • as detailed as possible

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