Teaching & Training

At the "Aachen Interdisciplinary Training Center for Medical Education - AIXTRA" students of the medical faculty and other faculties can learn, train and optimize clinical-practical skills. Furthermore, the training center continuously evaluates the teaching methods and the results for the students. The findings are then analyzed according to scientific principles and the experiences are integrated into future training courses in order to achieve greater efficiency. The training centre is equipped with its own premises for small group lessons (e.g. for practical lessons, seminars, problem-oriented learning). In addition to modern simulation and training models in special training rooms, lecturers of the medical faculty thus have access to media equipment adapted to the needs of the learners, which makes teaching practical, interactive and more efficient. For example, video feedback can also be used optimally in different learning situations.

In addition to various models, learning environments and complex simulation possibilities, the training centre also offers medical didactic support. Students can learn, train and optimise a wide range of clinical-practical skills such as examination techniques, the use of different vascular access systems, social skills (e.g. communication in difficult situations, doctor-patient discussions and teamwork as well as modern essential aspects of patient safety such as standardised handovers and crew resource management) and much more.

In total, AIXTRA organizes events for more than 3,000 students each year. The courses range from basic skills, which can be learned for the first time within the so-called system blocks (model study course medicine, 3rd-6th semester), to anamnesis training in very specific doctor-patient situations such as occupational medicine, environmental medicine or palliative medicine, but also dentistry. The implementation of the courses is made possible by various lecturers of the medical faculty, among others by the proven financing system of the AIXTRA-1/4 lecturers. To this end, the clinics and institutes receive project-oriented funding for teaching at AIXTRA from tuition fee substitutes for approximately 12 1/4 teaching positions per year.